Final Report on Demography Published (DEMIFER Project)

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Final Report on Demography Published (DEMIFER Project)

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ESPON published the final report of the Applied Research DEMIFER – Demographic and Migratory Flows affecting European Regions and Cities.

Two main developments form the point of departure for the project:

1.    the ageing of the population in Europe in the next decades. A major consequence of the ageing of the population is that the working age population will decline which may have a downward effect on economic growth and competitiveness in many European regions.

2.    the challenges European regions will have to face from environmental changes, particularly climate change and limitations in the availability of energy.

Even though ageing and environmental change are global developments, the consequences may be different for different regions and may affect migration flows across regions in different ways. The key objective of DEMIFER therefore was to assess the effects of demographic trends and migration flows on European regions and cities and to examine the implications for economic and social cohesion, taking into account the possible effects of climate change.

DEMIFER was carried out in the period 2008-2010 by a team of researchers from the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (Lead Partner), the University of Vienna/Faculty for Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy, the International Organization for Migration/Central European Forum for Migration and Population Research, the University of Leeds/School of Geography, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Nordregio/the Nordic Centre for Spatial Development and the National Research Council/Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies.

The Final Report, its annexes and 12 case studies are now online at the ESPON Website.

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