Initial Information on Territorial Performance Monitoring Project

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Initial Information on Territorial Performance Monitoring Project

TPM – Territorial Performance Monitoring, the Inception Report is online

Territorial development at the regional level is becoming increasingly important for effectively addressing local and regional transformations as well as challenges at the European level. However, knowledge on the specific regional consequences of macro-challenges is limited and appropriate regional planning tools are rare.

The Territorial Performance Monitoring (TPM) project focuses on European and global challenges with specific regional consequences: climate change, energy supply, demographic development and globalisation. TPM shall establish knowledge on how territorial impacts of these macro challenges translate at the regional level and how to deal with these challenges effectively. In the Inception Report, the Transnational Project Group presents a more detailed overview of the analytical approach to be applied by the project

TPM, produced by Free University of Brussels as Lead Partner and Territorial Studies Institute, Navarra de Suelo Residencial, National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis-National University of Ireland, ILS Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, KULeuven as Project Partners shall deliver its Interim Report by August 2011. More reading

**NOTE: the Dublin Regional Authority is one of the stakeholders on this project, while NIRSA is a research partner.  The monitoring tools and methodology developed by this project will be of particular relevance for monitoring Regional Planning Guidelines**

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