What can ESPON offer to national and regional authorities?

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What can ESPON offer to national and regional authorities?

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ESPON has the role to support policy development in relation to EU Cohesion Policy. The programme provides pan-European evidence and knowledge about European territorial structures, trends, perspectives and policy impacts which enable comparisons amongst regions and cities. This forms a basis for finding additional opportunities for growth as well as challenges that needs attention in a world where the larger territorial context is an inevitable reality.

For a decade ESPON has played this key role within EU Cohesion Policy in support of policy development providing comparable pan-European evidence, analyses and scenarios on territorial dynamics that help regions, cities and larger territories in taking evidence-based decisions on their future development. In doing so ESPON has built up a unique knowledge and evidence base that is available and accessible for free.



At the ESPON High Level Conference on Targeted Analyses in 2011, Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn commenting on the ESPON`s benefits to the EU, said: “ESPON provides the European Commission with a lot of information and studies dealing with territorial cooperation“.

Regarding the Cohesion policy, Commissioner Hahn said: “One of the main objectives is to improve cohesion policy in the way that you have a more result-orientated policy [..]. For that purpose we need ESPON and the knowledge of ESPON to offer regions […] tailor-made solutions for their operational programmes.” Watch the video

ESPON evidence, tools and maps as well as events can help Member States and their regions prepare for the next programming period.


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