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Targeted Analyses conducted under Priority 2 of the ESPON 2013Programme, represent a new type of projects supporting the use of existing results in partnership with different groups of stakeholders. Introducing a new approach to the generation of project ideas as well as to the implementation of projects, Targeted Analyses provide an opportunity to stakeholders for:

  • Enhancing their understanding of the larger territorial context;

  • Making comparisons to other territories, regions and cities;

  • Including a European perspective to considerations on the development of their territories.

The Targeted Analyses are carried through in close cooperation between stakeholders, a group of experts and the ESPON Programme and emphasis is put on the operational use of the results of the analyses in practice. Whereas the Targeted Analyses focus on specific case study regions the results also have relevance for other areas, including regions and localities in Ireland. The CAEE project on Agglomeration Economies includes a case study of Dublin, conducted by a research team at NIRSA. The Dublin Regional Authority is a stakeholder on the forthcoming TPM: Territorial Performance Monitoring project.

Targeted Analysis Projects currently in progress or at final stage are:

  • CAEE – The Case for Agglomeration Economies in Europe
  • ESPON TEDI – Territorial Diversity in Europe
  • EUROISLANDS – The Development of the Islands – European Islands and Cohesion Policy
  • METROBORDER – Cross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Region0s
  • SS-LR – Spatial Scenarios: New Tools for Local-Regional Territories
  • SURE – Success for Convergence Regions’ Economies

Future Targeted Analysis Projects will include:

  • RISE Identifying and exchanging best practice in developing Regional Integrated Strategies in Europe
  • EATIA – ESPON and Territorial Impact Assessment
  • ULYSESSES – Using applied research results from ESPON as a yardstick for cross-border spatial development planning
  • POLYCE – Metropolisation and Polycentric Development in Central Europe
  • TPM – Territorial Performance Monitoring
  • BEST METROPOLISES – Best Development Conditions in European Metropolises – Paris, Berlin and Warsaw
  • SEMIGRA – Selective Migration and Unbalanced Sex Ratio in Rural Regions
  • SMART IST – Smart Institutions for Territorial Development

Irish Involvement: The Dublin Regional Authority has acted as a stakeholder for the CAEE and TPM projects, on agglommeration economies and territorial performance monitoring respectively. In both cases, the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), NUI Maynooth have formed part of the research teams, following a competitive tendering process.

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