Priority 3: Scientific Platform

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A core element in a European territorial knowledge base is the ESPON Scientific Platform. In order to support policy-making related to regions, cities and larger territories, this platform has to be continuously built up and effectively maintained.

Three main actions mutually supporting its development are

  • The ESPON 2013 Database;
  • Development of Territorial Indicators and Indices;
  • A Territorial Monitoring and Reporting System.

Input to the ESPON Scientific Platform is generated from Applied Research projects and Targeted Analyses. Access free of charge is ensured making it feasible for everyone interested to capitalize on the ESPON Scientific Platform.

Current Projects of the ESPON Scientific Platform include:

  • ESPON Database 2013;
  • Typology Compilation;
  • Map Updates.

Irish Involvement: The National Centre for Geocomputation, NUI Maynooth has contributed to the ESPON Database project.

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